Bon Vivant

In 2009, close friends Josh Harris and Scott Baird co-founded The Bon Vivants. The Bon Vivants is a nationally recognized cocktail and spirit consulting company specializing in the creation of on-premise beverage programs, staff education and inspiration, concept and flavor innovation consulting for spirits brands, branding and guerilla marketing strategies for liquor companies, audience identification, ambassadorship, and the composition and execution of creative curated events. The Bon Vivants is also a branded umbrella for a growing brick and mortar component. The Bon Vivants strive to create value in their work by operating under a philosophy of inclusion - a principle tenet of this philosophy includes finding new and creative ways to bridge the gap between the beverage industry, and the average consumer, while building community through the act of enjoying a delicious drink. In the Spring of 2010, they partnered with Jason Henton to manage operations on all brick and mortar endeavors, and in early 2011 hired Sgt. At Arms, Alex Straus to focus on business development, and operations in Southern California.


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Josh Harris
Founding Partner
Cel: 415-816-8855
Scott Baird
Founding Partner
Cel: 510-414-2352
Alex Straus
Sgt. At Arms
Cel: 917-887-2841
Jason Henton
Operations Specialist
Cel: 415-378-5382